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Agua viva / Water residency


Application deadline:  April 28th, 2024

Application link:


July 5th -13th, 2024 In PERSON

ONLINE portion  June1st- June 30th

(bi weekly  residency meetings ( 1.5 hour sessions)

Artists are expected to attend both portions of the residency.

Agua Viva is a 9-day art residency that explores water as a creative force. Artists will be guided based on non-western traditions to develop a relationship to water that invites curiosity, study, reverence, and lots of play.


Agua Viva will take place in Santa Rosa Arts, located in British Columbia, Canada overlooking Christina Lake at the convergences of the Kettle River and Christina Lake Creek with unobstructed views of various bodies of water. Agua Viva is open to international artists interested in knowledge that is non-conforming to western ways of connecting to water. Activities part of this residency include field trips to various local bodies of water, including local waterfalls, creeks, streams, swamps, rivers and swimming places. Be prepared to spend time in multiple bodies of water exploring the biodiversity they have to offer and talking to local experts, indigenous knowledge keepers and water stewards. Let’s say that water play and exploration will often be in the daily schedule; swimming suits will be your best friends.


 We will spend time with indigenous knowledge keepers listening to stories and learning how to connect to water in ways that decolonize our perspective. We will learn about  non western water rituals and ceremonies guided to connect with water as a spiritual and healing force, including participation in water soul-cleansing from the Mexican  curandera tradition. Residents will be encouraged to create their healing water rituals and share their own embodied water experiences. Lectures on water symbology and ancient civilizations connection to water.


Guest curators will speak about water from a contemporary art perspective, followed by a lively conversation about project development /sharing ideas related to water and reflections on the residency learnings. Portafolio 

NEW TO 2024!

This residency includes the opportunity to exhibit at   and Arts on 3 art space on a pop up  1 week exhibition and a community exhibition night . This will be great for your resume. Please submit a potential piece that can be easily transported /installed during the residency.


We will  visit  local galleries and will host a community sharing event where artists will be able to have artist talks with the local community.


We will float along the creek, exploring the biodiversity of the water shores.

Only 4-6 artists will be selected for this residency.


Cost of residency:


We kindly ask in reciprocity $1600 USD for the labour of all the guest, staff and workshop leaders. This includes a wonderful shared accommodation ,shared studio resources, field trips, meals, events, lectures, workshops and bibliography access.

Canadian artists can apply for SR scholarship that covers up to 15% of tuition cost.

We believe in finding creative ways to remove barriers for artists from underserved communities who have traditionally faced financial difficulties attending art residencies. Ask us how.

The place:
Santa Rosa Arts is located in 35 acres of forested land with a creek that runs through the property, home to various microclimates, a spring and a vast diversity of wildlife and botanicals. Expansive sunsets dark skies are perfect for star or moon gazing while hearing wildlife at a distance. A wading pool in the property invites residents to float while stargazing.
Conceptual visual artists, musicians, performers and writers ready to explore water in physical and spiritual forms non conforming to western art practices are invited to apply. An openness of mind and spirit is required to submerge in the depths of this water residency.


We believe in finding creative ways to remove barriers for artists from underserved communities who have traditionally faced financial difficulties attending art residencies.

We offer 1 VANTAROSA partial scholarships that cover 50% of the registration fee, the catch? We would appreciate in reciprocity if you help us write a blog / help create content / help document our residency or assist during meal times, workshops, gardens or when extra hands are needed.

Please note that you would like to be considered for the Vantarosa scholarship in your application. You will have access to all the programs, meals and trips like the rest of the artists.

What is included:

All expert talks, lectures, workshops

All field trips including transportation and field lunches


All supplies for field trips

Access to shared studio space during studio hours ( bring compact  art supplies)

Shared room accommodations. We encourage creative collaborators to apply

Basic meal plan  in a family style communal setting

35 acres of forest to make it your air studio

How to apply?


Here is the submission link.

 Application deadline:  April 24th, 2024

Note that our location is a natural resource area with plenty of wildlife and risks and blessings inherent to the natural world. High hills and uneven terrain are part of the experience.


I'm always looking for meaningful connection. Ask me any questions.

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